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The Lion of Judah Academy in Tanzania

The Lion of Judah Academy -- Bulima, Tanzania

December, 2013

  Dear Friends of The Lion of Judah Academy,

     The past few months have been busy both at the school in Tanzania, as well as here in the U.S.
     In early September a small team visited the school, and some fantastic work was accomplished, including starting a tennis program (see below) and some great work on the water system.  And, speaking of the water system, what a blessing THAT is proving to be!
     In mid-September, Mtebe (the school director) and his wife Pili traveled to the U.S., visiting churches, schools and individuals, telling the story of what is happening at The Lion of Judah Academy.  They were here for six very full and hectic weeks, returning to Tanzania in late October.  One of the many highlights of their visit was Mtebe's ordination at Salem Church in Waynesboro, PA (more information on that is below).
     At the school the academic year is now completed, and the school is in the midst of the end of term break.  Graduation took place a few weeks ago...and our students have continued to excel in their academic performance (there's also a story on that!).
     We thank God for all of you who have supported the school through your prayers, your financial support, your encouragement and kind words.  The Lion of Judah Academy is flourishing, the students are being blessed in abundant measure, and God is being honored and glorified!  Thank you...and thank the Lord!
     Please check the articles and links below.
     We also encourage you to visit and subscribe to The Lion of Judah Facebook page and/or Blog.  you'll find information about the subjects mentioned above, as well as much more. Links to Facebook and the school blog can be found by scrolling down, and when you subscribe you will receive regular updates as soon as they are published.
                           Hart and Lynn Inlow


Lion of Judah Academy students at all levels continue to excel!  Visit this link to the school blog to learn about the amazing national exam results achieved by our standard 7 students!!

School Director Mtebe was ordained on October 5 during his visit to the U.S.  Read the details here.
GEORGE MUELLER AND THE LION OF JUDAH ACADEMY what does this guy with massive sideburns have to do with The Lion of Judah Academy?

His name is George Muller.  You may never have heard of him, but his story is amazing.  Check it out here.

We are sometimes asked about our "model" for fund-raising at The Lion of Judah Academy.  Why don't we run big fund-raising campaigns?  Or capital drives?  Or do direct mail fund raising?  Or spend money or advertising?
The reason is the influence of George Muller.  When we started the school, Lynn and Hart, Mtebe and Pili, believed God directed us to look to the example of George Muller, and pray about how to apply those principles to The Lion of Judah Academy.  We did, and God has blessed the work tremendously!  God continues to bless!

When we saw this article recently we thought we should share it with you.  If you'd like to learn more about George Muller there are several good books available.  One of our favorites is, "George Muller:  Man of Faith and Miracles."  But, at the very least, check the information at this link.


Tennis, anyone?  No one could have anticipated the enthusiasm tennis pro Kelly generated when she visited The Lion of Judah Academy!
Read more here.

Her visit was even written up in the US Tennis Association online magazine!

The school's water system is completed and fully operational...and what a blessing it is!!  Find more details and photos on this blog post.

Friends and supporters of The Lion of Judah Academy are so important to us.  We want you to know what's going and keep you up to date on news and happenings at the school.  Sending out newsletters like this is one way we do that.  We also post information on the school blog and Facebook page.  We really encourage you to subscribe to one or the other, or both.  If you have suggestions for other ways to keep you informed please contact us to let us know your ideas!  Thank you.

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