Here's a question for you to ponder:  which is more important for a school to flourish and become truly excellent...talented and dedicated teachers, or bright and highly-motivated students?

At The Lion of Judah Academy we don't have to choose...we have both!!  We find that each group encourages, nourishes, and helps the other group to flourish!

 Here, in this section of the website, we invite you to spend some time getting to know both the teachers and the students.  Welcome!

Click here to go the profiles and photos of the students needing scholarship assistance...which includes a very large part of our student body!
about our excellent and dedicated staff.  These highly qualified, remarkable people have heard God's call to give of themselves sacrifically, teaching and loving God's children for less than they would be able to receive at most other private schools
Please Note two things :  First, while almost all the students needing scholarships have profiles in this section of the site, we still are working on this area to provide more check back again soon.
     Second, this is a new section of the website and you may find something which doesn't work properly, or information which is missing.  If you find a problem please report it to us so we can correct it.  Thank you!